, communication skills, logic, and a basic understanding of ethics as it relates to the role of reason and honesty in life.

Xổ số miền bắc hôm nay thứ 3 program.

our approach

Where To Start?

All students arriving at Delphian start on an entry program which is customized to fill in any gaps that may exist from their previous studies. 

Middle school Age RANGE

Students begin in the Middle School around age 11 and graduate into the Upper School around age 13.  

Our teachers, called academic supervisors, are the expert guides, always there to assist, support and encourage our students through each level of our program.

OUr Mission 

To empower young adults to bring positive change in the world through reason, creativity and integrity. 


At a Glance

Quick Facts


average # of books read each year by Middle School students.


science courses required as part of the Middle School curriculum.


minimum # of minutes spent practicing math daily. 


average # of hours Middle School students spend reading and discussing literature.


in depth courses on how to use writing to communicate effectively.


hours spent working on communication and teamwork each school year.


interscholastic teams compete in nine different league sports.


average # of hours spent on each required practical project.


student faculty ratio.